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Tips for Home Staging from Joyce Byrne's Team

London, Ontario Area


Start with your curb appeal. Go beyond cutting the grass and consider planting flowers. Think of this as drive by appeal – look at the front door – does it need a new paint job? Next, get a new welcome mat and make sure the house numbers are visible from the street.
Maintain the yard and garden by weeding deadheading, removing debris and pruning dead branches. Add a bird bath or bird feeder to bring in the feeling of life and good energy.

Don’t overlook the minor details. Review your home for all minor flaws, paying attention to the smallest detail. When added together, the smallest details chip away at your equity.
Put away the family photos and collectibles. Pack anything smaller than your fist.
Purge the guilt. Don’t keep things you really don’t like. If you received something as a gift or inherited an item you don’t like, ease your guilt by passing it onto someone who will really enjoy it and/or can put it to good use. That goes for children’s projects, too. If you can’t bear to get rid of them (the projects, not the kids), take a photograph or your child with the project and free up much needed storage space.
Entry, Bedroom and linen closets all need attention too – pack away 2/3rds of everything to show off the generous storage space.
Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses; pay particular attention to the fixtures, cleanliness and ambiance in every aspect of preparing these areas – try to make each space appear like it has never been used.
Correct lighting is important for every room. Ensure proper lighting by turning on all overhead lights and lamps throughout the house so each room and space is light and bright. And remember to include outdoor lighting – over fifty percent of viewings take place at night.
Clean reflective surfaces. Clean the windows inside and out and check other reflective surfaces throughout the house to bounce extra light.
Create that “move-in today” feeling. Correct placement of furniture, plants, lighting and accessories is a crucial component of professional staging. Making these a priority, lifts the positive energy in a house making the space feel comfortable and balanced to prospective buyers.
Address all the best features of the house. Ensure that your house shows well by highlighting the focal points and opening the sight lines and traffic patterns. This way, sellers can easily walk through a room without running into the back of the sofa or peering over a piece of furniture to get a look at the back yard. 
Consider a pre-sale inspection. It’s best to find out what the bargaining chips will be before marketing your property. Finding out if there are major repairs necessary before you sell, puts you in the driver’s seat, plus, you can fix the flaws before buyers have a chance to negotiate down your selling price. A Home Inspection is included in our services!
Don’t gamble with your equity: If getting your house ready to sell seems like too much trouble, consider hiring a professional. Even if it’s only for an initial staging consultation to prioritise your selling “to do” list. This way you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind, that whatever improvements you make will give you the best return on your investment.

 Thanks to Stephanie Irvine for this article.


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