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Our Guideline of General Staging Suggestions

A more customized and personal report will be developed for every property we list!!! London, Ontario and Area

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Keep gardens and landscaping looking maintained including edging sidewalks, removing dead plants and weeds, trimming bushes and mowing the lawn. Put lots of mulch in your gardens to freshen them. Black mulch is best.
  • Enhance the front yard with seasonal plants and a planter for your front porch.
  • Remove all personal exterior decorations like wreaths, statues and most garden accessories and ornaments.
  • Leave lights on in the evening until you go to bed. (exterior lights 100W bulb)
  • Power wash the concrete driveway, walkways, stairs, porch, deck, vinyl siding, windows, patio doors, screens, and eaves troughs. (I recommend calling Blue Diamond at 519-681-7827)
  • A new black mailbox and light fixture can make a huge difference or spray paint the one you have with black metal paint.
  • Reseal the asphalt driveway to enhance the exterior of your property.
  • In winter shovel and salt all walkways, front porch, decks and patios.
  • In winter make a pathway to the shed as you cannot sell what you cannot see.

Text Box: FOYER
  • Every detail counts as this is the first impression of the interior of your property.
  • Keep foyer closet organized and down size the number of items.
  • Clutter free- no shoes, coats, etc. except in the closet.
  • Doormat only in the winter.

  • Show off the flow of the room. Keep walking space around furniture & away from windows with a view.
  • Put away movies, CD’s, books and most collectables.
  • Remove throws, blankets, cushions and scatter rugs.
  • If you have a fireplace it is the focal point in the room, so make sure it can be seen.
  • You only need a few things on the fireplace mantle (use a grouping of 3 items).

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Clear off the top of cabinets and countertops except for a few decorative  or stainless items.
  • Add a large bowl of green apples on counter top.
  • Remove any items on the stove or on top of the fridge.
  • Remove personal items such as magnets and pictures on the fridge.
  • Remove the mats, dish cloths and garbage pail from sight.
  • All light bulbs should work and match.
  • Replacing handles and hardware on cabinets is a quick and inexpensive update.
  • A new upscale faucet can help modernize a kitchen.

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Add some fresh white flowers on the table.
  • Take away items from the top of any China Cabinet.
  • Be sure your China Cabinet contains only one colour (Example: all clear glass or one pattern of china).
  • Remove extra chairs around dining room table.
  • Remove all area rugs from the house.

Text Box: Home Office
  • Have only office items in the room, including desk, chair, filing cabinet and a bookcase.
  • Display only your best books or office items.
  • Remove framed diplomas and certificates from the walls or any other items that may reveal your identity or income level.
  • Put away your laptop, cell phone, iPad etc.
  • Be sure to remove your wall callendar especially if there are dates written on it.

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Place new plush white towels to get the 5 star spa feel.
  • Minimal items on the counter (no soap dispensers).
  • Remove all personal items in the shower & tub.
  • Keep the toilet lid & shower curtain closed.
  • Remove garbage pail.
  • Try for the "Hotel" or "Boutique" look.

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Leave only a couple of decorative items on the dresser.
  • Remove all personal pictures and items on dressers.
  • Leave only lamp, phone and clock on the side tables.
  • Remove TV, CD’s, and movies.
  • Organize and downsize the closet to show the space and use the bottom of the closets for bins.
  • A large picture over the bed looks great.
  • A new bedspread and pillow shams can update the room.
  • Open the blinds/curtains.
  • Aim for the upscale "Hotel" look. Add extra pillows to the bed to give a more luxurious feel.
  • Remove or downsize most of the toys if children’s room.
  • Remember the person who pays the mortgage will spend 1/3 of their life in the Master bedroom.


Text Box: Recommendations
  • Separate the living space and the kids play space if applicable.
  • Allow a good flow between the furniture. Show there is space to walk around the room.
  • Get as much light into this area as possible (buy extra lamps if needed).
  • Remove throws, blankets, pillows and scatter rugs.
  • Organize CD's and DVD's or hide them away.
  • Leave only one or two items on the side tables.

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Clean the exterior of the furnace and water heater.
  • Clear walk way to the furnace, water heater and electrical panel.
  • Basement must not smell musty; this will deter the buyer from purchasing the property, so run a dehumidifier.
  • Consider painting the concrete floor or use peel and stick tile if unfinished.
  • Store your items in closed bins and stack neatly up against the outside walls.
  • Tidy tools and work bench.

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Put all cleaning supplies away or tidy them up.
  • Have the laundry tub clean.
  • Remove any items from the top of the washer and dryer.
  • Make sure there are no clothes or items laying around in the room or in the laundry baskets.
  • Try to have lots of light in this area.
  • Make the room look as finished as possible.
  • Put boxes and bins against the outside walls.

Text Box: GARAGE
Text Box: Recommendations
  • Park your cars in the garage.
  • Make sure garage doors, openers and lights are in good working order.
  • Garage should be organized, have as few items as possible.  If this area is cluttered they will think there is not enough space in the property for their belongings.
  • Store any boxes and bins against the wall or near the wall.
  • Clean windows in your garage.
  • Power wash the garage floor.

Text Box: Recommendations
  • Always accentuate the special features of your yard like the gardens, walk ways, patio or pool.
  • Add a patio or garden set to show off the deck or patio.
  • Flowers or candles as a centre piece on the patio table.
  • Flowers in pots can add a touch of colour in the garden or on the deck.
  • Yard should be clear of all yard tools and kids toys.
  • In winter keep the patio and deck shovelled off to show them off.
  • Show the space in the shed.
  • Be sure the shed is in good repair and organized.
  • Black Top your asphalt driveway to create a fresh new curb appeal.

 General Recommendations

  • Have your chimney, furnace, fireplace & air conditioner serviced (save Receipts). Call us for names of service people we recommend.
  • Remove all or most personal pictures, diplomas, etc.
  • Paintings & pictures should be hung at middle of eye level (approx 5’-9”).
  • All light fixtures should be in working order. Interior lights 60 watt bulbs & exterior lights 100 watt bulbs (make as bright in & out as possible).
  • Keep exterior lights on in the evening until at least 10-11 pm.
  • Open all blinds or drapes to let the sun shine in.
  • Be sure windows are sparkling clean.
  • Paint is one of the most reasonable & easiest property improvements.
  • Touching up the paint on your trim can go a long way to selling.
  • Remember our sense of smell is our strongest sense.
  • Repair any loose hardware.
  • Less is always better.
  • Hide or put away pet dishes & toys.
  • Consider renting a storage space if necessary. It will make it easier to move in the long run.
  • All light fixtures should sparkle.
  • Remove any ant and/or mice traps or poisons from view even if you have never used them as Buyer’s get worried sometimes even if there is no need.
  • Remove spare fuses from your fuse panel.
  • Be sure there is walking around space in every room, especially in front of windows.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned. I recommend Roto Static at 519-438-7288.
  • If the property is vacant use timers for exterior lights and a few interior lights too.

 A more customized & personalized report will be developed for your home. Furniture rental can also be arranged at an extra cost.

Talk to Joyce’s team for more details at 519 471 8888.

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