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Why Use Our Team to Buy A Property?

Our Team is made up of highly TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. We know what properties are selling for. We know what the market demand is.

We will not show you properties which you are not FINANCIALLY QUALIFIED to buy.

We can advise you as to the best possible method to handle the FINANCIAL DETAILS of your transaction.

We know what buyers are looking for and what today's TRENDS are.

We can serve as an OBJECTIVE THIRD PARTY so a seller is inclined to listen to us, making a sale more likely.

When it comes to NEGOTIATING, we are experts. We have the training and EXPERIENCE (over 68 years combined experience) plus our third party status helps us act as a go-between for you, your seller and their Realtor, to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.

The amount of paperwork and all the LEGAL ISSUES which must be attended to can be overwhelming. We handle these details every day.

Selecting a real estate counsellor who will REPRESENT YOU in the purchase of your property, may be one of the most important decisions of your life.

This selection process is just as important as selecting any other professional such as your family doctor. The individuals selected should be WORKING FOR YOU, keeping YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind.

Those people will be directly advising and counselling you.

First of all, they must have your complete confidence and trust. Therefore, you should have a specific criterion for choosing that special salesperson.

We suggest you evaluate a potential realtor in all of the following categories:

  • appearance, demeanour, ATTITUDE
  • overall STRATEGY
  • willingness to advise on OFFERING PRICE
  • COMMITMENT - are they full-time & professionally trained
  • COMMUNICATION & follow through - do they have systems in place to ensure continual feedback and information to you.

Visit our Buying a home section for more information on our services.

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